Information processing group is focused on Large-Scale Distributed Information Processing and Machine Learning in different domains, ranging from smart grids and smart buildings to medical image processing and computer vision. In particular, the group’s focus is on scalable and secure algorithms and system architectures in the domain of:

  • Large-scale distributed information processing algorithms:
    1) Distributed optimization methods
    2) Large-scale machine learning algorithms including deep learning
    3) Distributed probabilistic inference using probabilistic graphical models and Belief-Propagation
    4) Privacy-aware learning methods
  • Biomedical signal processing
  • Image processing and Computer Vision:
    1) Image processing in medical applications
    2) Image compression using HEVC, including seismic and hyper-spectral image applications
    3) Facial recognition and verification applications
    4) Object detection.
  • Systems and technologies:
    1) Distributed computation and storage architectures
    2) Stream and batch processing for Big Data
    3) Open source Cloud and virtualization technologies
    4) Virtualized hardware architectures (virtual FPGAs/GPUs in the Edge/Cloud)

Group members (alphabetical order):

Dr Dragana Bajovic

Dr Zivko Bojovic

Dr Branko Brkljac

Dr Mirsad Cosovic

Dr Stanisa Dautovic

Dr Niksa Jakovljevic

Dr Tatjana Loncar-Turukalo

Dr Gorana Mijatovic

Dr Aleksandar Minja

Dr Dragisa Miskovic

Dr Milan Narandzic

Dr Vladimir Petrovic

Dr Natasa Samardzic

Dr Dalibor Sekulic

Dr Rastislav Struharik

Dr Predrag Teodorovic

Dr Vuk Vranjkovic

Dr Dejan Vukobratovic